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Chief Thomas Forward NOT RETIRING just MOVING FORWARD party!!

I would first like to thank Chief Vince Jackson for being a longtime friend and inviting Wreckin Da Game Ent. to this gracious occasion. The venue formerly known as the Old Firehouse No. 5 has been privately purchased and revamped by its current owner. The place is AMAZING and a job ALTHOUGH NOT COMPLETE is very well done. You have art, beautiful decor, outdoor scene for pictures and plenty of parking. Mr Dominic and his wife (owners) have put a lot of work into refurbishing the building and it shows!!!

Now, Chief Forward!! Speaking personally I have know this outstanding brother and his wife Ms Forward since the early 90's when I attended Middleton Jr High School where Ms Forward was my PE Coach and mentor. She always looked out for every kid at the school and gave us guidance when needed. I met Chief Forward at that time and was totally impressed by first sight at seeing a BLACK FIRE CHIEF period!! And from that point on I have always admired and looked up to the prominence of his position and respect he has gained throughout his tenor. He is a great man,mentor,fire fighter and all around A GREAT PERSON and I am so thankful to be apart of this great event!!!! Shout out to all THE SERVICEMEN AND SERVICEWOMEN out there that put their lives on the line for others!!


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P.S. Special thanks to FIREHOUSE NO. 10 for SAVING MY LIFE (literally)!!!! May God continue blessing you and your families and God be with all of you!!!!






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