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Skating inside Macy's UTC/ Xmas Celebration 2023

Macy's DRESS YOUR FAVORITE ERA day and Xmas celebration!!! I chose the 80s as my favorite and dressed accordingly including my ROLLER SKATES🤪 I not only DJ, but I can also skate at the same time 🙈 Every year Macy's goes out of its way to bring a holiday shopping experience like none other! Live DJ, contests, giveaways, and a whole lot of dancing is waiting for everyone that works and shops at this wonderful store! Shout-out to Ryan of L'Oreal products for hiring BCJ Wizards Entertainment and Wreckin Da Game Ent. to showcase and advertise your new line of fragranced products. Also, much love to all the ladies in the Cosmetics section. Merry Clinique!!

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